Silverware bag Naptidi print

High-quality accommodation for your silverware and simultaneously an individual eye-catcher.Let simply printed the silverware-bags with your individual advertisement or your logo. The appearance becomes unequally higher!.A high-quality white served already is inlaid with this model.

Silverware bag Naptidi print
NapTidi (234,5mm x 73mm)  
Paper 120 gr./m2  
Nepkin 40x40 cm. 2-ly, white
Content 500 NapTidi's per cardboard
Extras Nepkin in light € 3,99 € per cardboards
  Nepkin in dark € 5.44 € per cardboards
Minimum order 12.000 Bestecktaschen pro Design
Sliding scale prices:
24 units per 64.44 USD (0.11 USD per silverware bag)
48-72 units per 61.87 USD (0.10 USD per silverware bag)
96-168 units per 60.58 USD (0.10 USD per silverware bag)
> 168 units per 58.01 USD (0.10 USD per silverware bag)
from 64.44 USD
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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