Model Nepkin Sleeve-print

Whites served and individual revenue seal. Create relationship to your customers and equip these silverware-bags
with your small advertising-message or your logo. This makes an impression and is kept your guests unconsciously
it in the head. Exactly that is the basis in order to be able to welcome trunk-guests again and again.

Model Nepkin Sleeve
Print of Sleeve: Full Color  
Napkin 40 x 40 cm. airlaid 50 gr. white
Minimum order 12.000 pcs  
Content 300 per case  
Sliding scale prices:
40 units per 56.70 USD (1.42 USD per cardboard)
80-120 units per 54.63 USD (1.37 USD per cardboard)
160-280 units per 53.36 USD (1.33 USD per cardboard)
> 280 units per 52.26 USD (1.31 USD per cardboard)
Shippingtime: 5 - 6 Weeks
(abroad may vary)
56.70 USD
1.42 USD per cardboard
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