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Catering trade need for Each!

Now Gastro-sparfuchs is a, but we have removed some products from our assortment!.

We offer for everybody (businessmen and private individuals) payable catering trade need. Our motto is, everybody which is a host also has a claim to pressional quality !

We concentrate only upon few products with quality.

We become during the next days: ·

  • the tasty soups of Little lunch (single tins, savings offer and subscription)

  • the hand-made chocolade of Chocri - also individually arrangement possibly!

  • Matchati ice tea with real Matcha tea - for epicures!

  • Fruit drinks of provisions

  • printed pizza cardboards

  • printed menus

But we would like to start first of all with the high-quality cutlery pockets!   


precast cutlery pockets

printed cutlery pockets

We offer precast cutlery pockets.
You find this in the category Cutlery pocket unprinted one.
This means that one can
use the cutlery pockets immediately.
One can form these cutlery pockets individually.


we provide to you
free of charge a design (is already with in the price with in it).Sie so many draughts agree, until you are to be enclosed

Our advice

Naptidi Model for kids

Naptidi models for kids

77.98 USD
77.98 USD per cardboard
Naptidi Modell black

Naptidi models antrazit black

77.98 USD
77.98 USD per cardboard
Napkin Sleeve bon appetite

Model Nepkin Sleeve bon appetite

51.30 USD
51.30 USD per cardboard
modell pochetto large

Pochetto Large (236 x 85 mm)

78.33 USD
78.33 USD per cardboard
Doubletto-the a little bit other cutlery pocket

Doubletto-the a little bit other...

70.12 USD
70.12 USD per cardboard
Napkin Sleeve blue

Model Pochetto eco

90.48 USD
3.77 USD per cardboard
littele India

5 x Little India

18.63 USD
53.23 USD per Liter